May 16

Keep Head Shops Alive

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Buy from a real Head Shop where they know what they are selling you! Lots of dispensaries are selling Cheap ass Glass not made in America not caring what they sell. We all know lots of shops that have closed because of this, others the #'s B down... Am so grateful to be in this industry Since 1976...Standing behind a counter for what I believe in and Love. Praying my shop now can provide for me for 7 more years then I be 70 time to go! Hugs of love Mama "D" What You Want

I'm with you.

Nothing beats going to the local head shop or gallery and buying a one-of-a-kind piece.

There's been a lot of shifts and trends in the past decade in the way people like to imbibe their cannabis, but there's still no replacing the experience of savoring the raw flower in your favorite pipe, like a fine wine or a smooth English blend tobacco.

Keep on keeping the glass art alive!